Donor Cows

Female Selection Philosophy


At Premier Angus Genetics we strive to build an elite herd of cows, period. We are a relatively small seed-stock operation with a focus on Embryo Transfer (ET). Our goal when selecting cows for our program is not to simply build a large cowherd so we can brag about the size of our operation. We have confidence in our philosophy of Quality over Quantity. Our goal is to methodically research and then select elite Donor Cows and Donor-Prospect Heifers from the best cow families in the Angus breed. Once a special female is in our herd, she is placed in our Premier ET Program where we average producing as many as 100 embryos a year from our group of Donors. Each mating is meticulously hand-selected to improve the next generation of cattle.

Commercial cattlemen need cows that calve without constant supervision and assistance. They understand that if a calf can’t get started on its own, it likely will not survive. Our long-term success hinges on building problem-free cows to use in our program. Every bull and heifer we sell comes from a dam that we are proud to own and that we believe will produce cattle that can thrive most anywhere in the country. Only then can we produce cattle that we are proud to send to our customers’ farms and ranches.


Priorities when Selecting Cows for our Operation:


Here is a current listing of our donor cows:

GAR Trust C53  AAA# 17805039

HPCA Intensity 144  AAA# 18045584

HPCA Anticipation L114  AAA# 18161511

HPCA Intensity R06  AAA# 18865172

GAR Daybreak G122  AAA# 17304067

PAG Comrade 3X15 1503  AAA# 18532115