Hay Sales

At Premier Angus Genetics, we pride ourselves on the quality forages that we provide not only to our cattle as part of our total nutrition and herd health program, but also to our customers from all over North Alabama. We put great deal of time and energy in to the hay that we grow and harvest.  We grow mostly Fescue and Bermuda grasses along with a mixture of other native and non-native grasses in 5′ X 5′ rolls. After having the appropriate soil testing done, we fertilize, spray, and lime our grasses every year.  After baling, it is analyzed for nutritional content. Our hay is suitable for cattle and horses, as well as other livestock. As we have hay become available for sale, we advertise on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or click here to contact us for current pricing and availability.

For more information on Alabama forages and soil and hay analysis, access the Alabama Extension Agency’s website here